14 day transformation

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Samantha Belle 
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Samantha Belle

Welcome To Having It All

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14 Day transformation

confusion to clarity

A different mindset gives you power and clarity when it comes to your anger, your relationships, your finances, and your goals and dreams.

What would you do with a different life in 14 days?

  • Recommended for ages 16+ and is best for beginners, those who would love to refresh their outlook, those who don't even know what they don't know about mindset or outlook, and how it is indeed all up to you to have it all.

  • Online videos you can go back to as many times as you want for 30 days!

  • Facebook will be used but is not required for registration. **IF you opt out of using Facebook, you will NOT be a part of the supportive and active group**

14 Day transformation

day by day breakdown

So, what are we going to cover during these 14 Days?

  • Day 1: Welcome and Walkthrough: Let's Make A Routine

  • Day 2: Affirmations and Self Talk

  • Day 3: Intuition and Transformational Journaling

  • Day 4: Let's Talk Forgiveness

  • Day 5: Word Swap: Try

  • Day 6: Word Swap: Should

  • Day 7: Let's Tap on Expectations

  • Day 8: Breaking Down Complaining and Negatives

  • Day 9: Let's Talk Intake and Output

  • Day 10: Habits! How Do You Prep For Success?

  • Day 11: Apologizing vs. Gratitude

  • Day 12: Responding vs. Reacting

  • Day 13: Making WooWoo a To Do

  • Day 14: Failure vs Feedback and Next Steps!

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